Were do I send  my pet photo?   After completing checkout, send your photo to    quiltedkeepsakeornaments[@]yahoo.com  (be sure to remove brackets)

Will my pets photo work in the ornament?   If you would like me to check the photo quality prior to you purchasing the ornament, you can send it to me via the email above.  Include Subject Line:   “Verify My Pet Photo”.

I don’t have a digital photo, only a hard copy.   If you have a printer, you can scan the photo.  Be sure the printer scanner is set to 300 dpi.   After you scan the photo, send it to me and I will verify the quality before you make the purchase.

The background on the photo is a bit busy.  Is this ok?    I use a photo editor to crop the photo and typically do not touch the background if it’s not necessary.  With that said, if the background is too busy and over shadows your pets head shot, or if the background color blends to much with the pets fur, I may remove it completely and make the background a neutral color.

Can I add anything else other than the pets name on the back?   Yes, you can also include a date or date range as well as a short saying or epitaph.  See examples above.  You can come up with your own saying, just please keep it to a minimal as space is limited.      (Font Styles and colors will be determined by QKO)

Is it okay if my photo includes two pets or pet and one person?    Yes, any photo with multiple pets or people will be okay to send as long as it will crop without cutting off any of the subjects.  To be sure though, please submit your photo prior to making the purchase so I can verify.

What is the size of the ornament?   I use a 3″ diameter foam ball, so the completed ornament will be just slightly bigger, approx 3.5″-4″.

Can you ship to another address?  Yes, if you would like to have your ornament shipped to another address just include that address in the shipping section during checkout.

Do you gift wrap?  Yes, if this is a gift that is shipping to another address, I will be happy to gift wrap and include a tag.  You must tell me during checkout.

When will my ornament ship?    Ornaments typically are made on the weekends and ships the following  Monday or Tuesday with the exception of holidays and scheduled vacations.

Do you ship Internationally?  Yes, however if you are outside the U.S and Canada, please contact me for a shipping quote.  I will need to know how many ornaments you would like calculated into the shipping cost as well as your Country Code.    Email me at the above address with Subject line:  “Requesting International Shipping Quote”.   Spam emails will be ignored.